The purpose of holding a session at the 13th ISPRM in Kobe

   About a holding plan of IBRC2019 -BRC2019   

By Taki Takizawa

16th International Biophilia Rehabilitation Conference and Biophilia Rehabilitation Conference, Japan

- The contribution to human beings-

Economic sustainability in the super-aged society through a specific and efficient rehabilitation

There was the proposal to hold the session in the 13th ISPRM in Kobe at the IBRC 2018 by Prof. Alessandro Giustini.
This plan is a significant opportunity in order to make our research benefit for human beings.
Such an opportunity cannot be found any other times. In that meaning, this session must be the plan which can give impact to the world.
Now we are trying to hold the session in the 13th ISPRM in Kobe with Prof. Alessandro Giustini (Italy) and Prof Raoul Saggini (Italy)

I wish for that it will be an organized session with IBRA in ISPRM or an invited lecture, in order to be useful for human beings.

Moreover, I think it is the most important that ISPRM is clarifying that and being shown to an attendant in order to realize the contribution to human beings.

Therefore, the date and venue of IBRC2019 -BRC2019 will be decided after the decision was made by Prof. Giustini and Prof Saggini about the session at the 13th ISPRM in Kobe.